• Responsive

    Excellent customer service is a core tenant of our company. It is what allows us to go above and beyond to search out entities that would benefit from a domain that is coming available and match those entities with a game-changing asset. We are happy to answer any questions and facilitate the process via chat, email and phone. If you have a question or concern please do not hesitate to let us know!

  • Strategic

    Finding the right domain name for your business is imperative as you position your business for success in today’s online world. A domain name is your unique online identity. To compete you need this tool to add credibility to your business, build your brand and give your business mobility on the Internet. Most importantly the right domain name can position your business for success.

  • Unique

    Our mission is to eclipse your expectations. We are committed to the notion that quality matters and will never stop striving for perfection. In the domain world there are too many nameless, faceless operations that fly by night in an attempt to snag your business. We promise top notch service and full availability for the entire purchasing process from letting you know a domain you need is coming available, to its acquisition and transfer to your full ownership and control.

  • Secure

    Your information is safe. To protect your personal information, we have taken security measures that are consistent with international information practices. These measures include technical and procedural steps to protect your data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction. Credit card information is transmitted using 256-bit SSL encryption for processing by the credit card authority. Please note that upon successful capture for your transaction, no personal data is retained.

Our Team

Kennen Palm

Kennen Palm is an accomplished technology strategist, experienced in building highly competitive stateside and offshore IT organizations.
In addition to his expertise in planning and facilitating full-scale, complex project initiatives, Palm is an energetic leader and first-rate communicator with high business acumen and acute attention to detail.

Denis Marcov

Denis Marcov is a technical powerhouse spearheading the design, development and deployment of complex systems for a variety of end users. He is a dynamic leader with extensive experience is R&D, Product Development. Engineering and QC.


My business is about getting you back to business fast and eliminating stress. Beyond rapid response and quick resolution, we’ve designed Eximo Domains, LLC. to deliver a level of customer satisfaction that can only be described as exceptional. Juliana facilitates the relationships with various registrars and domain entities to ensure a seamless experience from domain request through fulfillment.


Marguerite firmly believes that the Sales representative who picks up the phone is the company, at least in the eyes of the customer. Marguerite’s dedication to customer education in the sales process is evident because she truly takes the time to answer questions and inform customers of the benefits of premium domain ownership. She carefully coaches her sales team to give more than is expected so that customers know that their business is truly appreciated.


We know that the purchase of a premium domain name can be a once in a business life time opportunity and we strive to ensure all our customers are fully aware of the processes, rights and responsibilities that come with full domain ownership. Our elite agents not only know the answers, they drive customers to the right course of action and add relevant information to provide clarity and a successful outcome. Kathrine ensures that her staff is a highly trained, dedicated and empowered team motivated to provide each customer with the tools necessary to fully access and manage their premium domain name in a timely fashion.


It is not easy to trust a company on the Internet when you have never heard of them before and you are dealing with such items as domain names, however my experience with has been perfect! All that you could hope for.


I was notified that a domain that I was interested in was coming available, we negotiated a price, completed the transaction, and within minutes I was able to log in and manage the new domain. SLICK!


I was very pleased with the entire transaction. I even received a phone call and follow up email to my questions.


I was suspicious when I received a message saying a domain I wanted was available. My suspicions were quickly dispelled by a call to the company. After paying through PayPal, it all went very smooth. I had my domain instantly, linked it to a dot net version that I had, and now seamlessly use both.



1. What will happen after the purchase is complete?

You will get the access to control panel available here: http://registrar.epik.com. That will be emailed to the address you submit during purchase. Also, you will get a receipt directly from our credit card processor.

2. Is this a one time payment?

Yes, this is a one time payment. After we receive your payment, you are given exclusive rights to own and manage your domain. You will need to renew it before the expiration date at regular registration costs. You can keep the domain in any registry you wish. If you keep the domain in our Epik registry, the cost is $10 a year.

3. How do I manage my domain?

Immediately after purchasing you will receive a receipt of purchase. This will come to the email address used on the order form. You will promptly receive a notice from our delivery team with information about when to expect your log in and password to manage the domain. Please note: all communication regarding management of the domain will be sent to the email address supplied.

4. Can I transfer my domain to my favorite registrar?

As a proprietary owner you are welcome to transfer the domain as soon as it sixty days old.

About Us

Eximo Domains, LLC is the elite option in premium domain sales. Utilizing technology and experience to identify key markets, Eximo Domains, LLC connects potential owners with the perfect domain for their needs. This streamlined approach allows customers a more efficient platform to reach their own target markets.

Eximo Domains, LLC reaches a global audience and has facilitated over 140,000 domain transactions since its inception.

Expertise, Professionalism and Efficiency drive Eximo Domains, LLC to be the industry leader in premium domain sales.

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